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SUB-2000 Bolt Tube Cover

The Kel-Tec SUB-2000 carbine is fun to shoot, but the cheek weld to the steel bolt tube is a source of some discomfort.  The heavy bolt recoils inside the bolt tube which is in contact with the shooter's cheek.  The steel bolt tube is also a good thermal conductor, transferring heat or cold into the shooter's cheek.  The Bolt Tube Cover insulates the shooter from the shock loads and temperature extremes, greatly increasing the comfort when shooting the SUB-2000.  It also provides a tough rubber armor for the bolt tube, making it an even tougher little go-anywhere, do-anything carbine.

Please verify that you are ordering the correct Bolt Tube Cover,

depending on whether you have the Gen 1 SUB-2000 or Gen 2 SUB-2000.

SUB-2000 Gen 1 Identification

SUB-2000 Gen 2 Identification

SUB-2000 Gen 2 Bolt Tube Cover

Gen 2 SUB-2000 Bolt Tube Cover - Does NOT fit the Gen 1 SUB-2000 – See below for Gen 1

SUB-2000 Gen 1 Bolt Tube Cover

Gen 1 SUB-2000 Bolt Tube Cover - Does NOT fit the Gen 2 SUB-2000 – See above for the Gen 2

What Are The Disadvantages?

  • The Bolt Tube Cover adds an insignificant 1 ounce to the weight (1.18 ounces for the Gen 1).

  • With the increased comfort, you'll have a harder time prying the SUB-2000 out of your friends' hands to keep them from shooting all of your ammo. :-)

How Durable Is The Bolt Tube Cover?
The Bolt Tube Cover is made from Santoprene, a thermoplastic elastomer that combines the best qualities of synthetic EDPM rubber and polypropylene.  It's a tough and abrasion resistant armor for your SUB-2000's bolt tube that is chemical resistant, UV resistant and ozone resistant.  It has a lifetime warranty.  If the Bolt Tube Cover ever fails, we'll immediately ship a replacement.

Is It Difficult To Install?
Most people could install the Bolt Tube Cover in a minute
or twoSimply remove the butt stock as you would to clean the bolt and inside the bolt tube, and slide the Bolt Tube Cover in place.  The detailed Gen 2 instruction sheet can be viewed HERE. Installation for the Gen 1 is slightly more involved, but should require only a few more minutes. The detailed Gen 1 instruction sheet is HERE.

Does It Accommodate The Different Lengths Of Pull For The Gen 2?
The Gen 2 Bolt Tube Cover is supplied full length, for the longest length of pull. There are two trim guides laser etched into the Bolt Tube Cover that can be used to trim the length of the Gen 2 Bolt Tube Cover for the mid-length or shorty length of pull. A box cutter or any sharp blade can be used to precisely cut along the trim guide. This is a permanent modification, but the SUB-2000 can still be used in any of the adjustable lengths by leaving the Bolt Tube Cover all the way forward. We recommend leaving the Bolt Tube Cover full length unless someone needs a shorter length, or if someone prefers a shorter length almost all of the time. In that case, the SUB-2000 can be extended to full length and the shortened Bolt Tube Cover does not need to be removed. It can remain in place and the SUB-2000 can be switched between the various lengths.

Technical Specifications


1.18 ounces (Gen 1)
1.00 ounces (Gen 2)

33.5 grams (Gen 1)
28.4 grams (Gen 2)


5.60 inches (Gen 1)
5.26 inches (Gen 2)

142 mm (Gen 1)
134 mm (Gen 2)

Outer Diameter:

1.25 inches

31.75 mm


64 Shore A

64 Shore A

Material Tensile Strength:

1000 PSI

70 kg/cm2

Operating Temperature:

-76 F to +275 F

-60 F to +135 C

Flame Resistance Rating:



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