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SUB-2000 Buffer Cylinder

For a little pistol carbine, the Kel-Tec SUB-2000 has quite a kick.  It's so fun to shoot, it's easy to go through a few hundred rounds, and you'll be feeling it in your shoulder tomorrow.  Now, there's a simple and inexpensive solution that eliminates over 30% of the felt recoil.

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SUB-2000 Buffer Cylinder Packaging

SUB-2000 Buffer Cylinder Recoil
The top curve is a measurement of the felt recoil of the standard 9mm SUB-2000 shooting 115 gr Winchester White Box ammo.  The recoil force is measured along the vertical axis and the time proceeds from left to right.  The recoil profile lasts about 50 milliseconds.

The lower curve is the recoil profile after installing the SUB-2000 Buffer Cylinder.  The reduction in felt recoil is more than 30%.

Similar recoil reduction has been observed for the harder kicking .40 S&W version of the SUB-2000.

How Does It Work?
Four super-resilient viscoelastic disks are laser cut to the exact dimensions to fit over the SUB-2000 recoil spring, inside the bolt tube, immediately in front of the buffer (the bolt tube end plug).  The buffer disks are assembled into a cylinder which acts as a shock absorber.  The back of this cylinder has a thin stainless disk to evenly distribute the force at the buffer.  The bolt contacts the buffer cylinder with approximately one inch of travel remaining.  At that point, the buffer cylinder behaves similarly to a second recoil spring, adding to the spring rate from the existing recoil spring, decelerating the bolt at a greater rate at the very end of its travel, and preventing the hard slap of the heavy bolt bottoming out at the end of travel.  Unlike a spring, the viscoelastic buffer cylinder absorbs energy and dissipates it as heat, instead of simply storing energy.  The physical properties of the buffer cylinder were carefully selected and tested for optimal performance.  The buffer cylinder is not active until after the brass has been ejected and the hammer has been cocked, so the operation of the SUB-2000 is not adversely affected.  The SUB-2000 cycle timing remains almost exactly the same after the buffer cylinder is installed.

Buffer Cylinder Animation

How Well Does It Work?
The reduction in felt recoil is about what would be expected based on the above recoil force curves.  The felt recoil is significantly reduced.  Most people report that the SUB-2000 is considerably more comfortable, and the reduction in felt recoil is enough that the SUB-2000 can be shot all day without having a sore shoulder the next day.

What Are The Disadvantages?
The operating handle no longer locks back into the notch to keep the ejection port open to demonstrate an empty chamber because the buffer cylinder prevents the bolt from traveling that far back.  Almost, but not quite.  If you don't shoot at a range with a strict range officer, this may not matter to you.  For the SUB-2000, probably the simplest way to demonstrate an empty chamber and render the firearm inoperative is to fold the SUB-2000 in half.  It's about as fast and easy as locking the bolt back, and there is no chance of bumping the operating handle and sending it forward to unintentionally chamber a round.

How Durable Is The Buffer Cylinder?
The super-resilient viscoelastic material has essentially no wear.  A prototype has been in place for over 2,000 rounds, including some +P rounds with no chafing or other loss of material, and negligible compression set.  Prototypes have been tested in 9mm and .40 S&W versions of the SUB-2000.  The expected service life exceeds the expected life of the SUB-2000, and the buffer cylinder has the same lifetime warranty as the SUB-2000.  If the buffer cylinder ever fails, send us the buffer cylinder for analysis and we'll immediately ship a replacement.

Is it Difficult To Install?
Most people could install the buffer cylinder in about a minute.  The most challenging part of the process is removing the buffer from the end of the bolt tube, which is done when the SUB-2000 is cleaned.  Installing the buffer cylinder adds a few seconds to the normal SUB-2000 cleaning.  The detailed instruction sheet can be viewed HERE.

Weight:  .177 ounces
 1.100 inches
 .850 inches

SUB-2000 Buffer Cylinder - FREE SHIPPING!


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