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We created this target from scratch and placed it in the public domain, completely free of any copyright.  Feel free to print as many targets as you like, email the file to your friends, etc.

Sample Target

There are three versions.  The most universally low-hassle version is the PDF file.  You will need a PDF viewer to print the targets, but most computers have Adobe Acrobat pre-installed, and the latest version is freely available online.  Right click the link below, select Save As and pick a place to store it on your PC hard drive.  When printing, make sure the PDF print utility does not have Fit To Page or Shrink To Page features selected.  Verify the scale by measuring one target with a ruler before printing a stack of targets.


You can also download the JPG image file to use in your own word processing program.  Be sure the scale factor is correct when printing.  The DXF file is available too so you can edit the target in a CAD program if you like, although DXF is a weak standard and there is a very good chance this version won't work in your CAD program.



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