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SUB-2000 Operating Handle Cover

The Kel-Tec SUB-2000 carbine is fun to shoot, but the steel operating handle isn't very ergonomic, and pulling back the bolt to chamber a round or verify the chamber is empty can tweak your finger.  The SUB-2000 Operating Handle Cover is a quick and easy way to increase the comfort and make the SUB-2000 friendlier to shoot.

SUB-2000 Operating Handle Cover - 5/8"

The single layer 5/8" Operating Handle Cover is constructed from a soft durometer 64 Shore-A black PVC that is UV and ozone resistant, providing 1/8" of padding to the steel operating handle and increasing the diameter to 5/8" for improved ergonomics.  This provides essentially the same function as buying 3/8" ID, 5/8" OD Tygon tubing from Lowes or Home Depot, but if you did that it'd be clear with writing on the outside instead of tacticool black, and you'd spend almost as much buying the minimum one foot length.

SUB-2000 Operating Handle Cover, 5/8" Diameter - FREE SHIPPING!

What Are The Disadvantages?
  • The buffer tube cover adds an insignificant .10 ounces to the weight

How Durable Is The Operating Handle Cover?
The operating handle cover is made from resilient and durable PVC, which is immune to the effects of typical gun cleaners and lubricants, as well as ultraviolet sunlight and ozone.  The operating handle cover has a 100% no questions asked lifetime warranty.

Is it Difficult To Install?
Most people could install the operating handle cover in a few seconds.  The detailed instruction sheet can be viewed HERE.

Weight: .084 ounces
 .750 inches
 .625 inches
64 Shore A
2250 PSI
Operating Temperature:
-6 F to +165 F
Flame Resistance Rating:

Note: After October 2009, Kel-Tec has made a more ergonomic operating handle.  Our 5/8" Operating Handle Cover fits every SUB-2000 and SUB-9.  If warmed by dunking in hot water, the 5/8" Operating Handle Cover slips onto the new ergonomic operating handle with ease.

SUB-2000 Operating Handle Cover, 5/8" Diameter - FREE SHIPPING!