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Reloading Log

Right click one of the filenames below and select Save As to download a spreadsheet that will allow you to organize all your reloading data and track the performance of each load.

Columns in the reloading section include caliber, bullet weight, bullet manufacturer, bullet type, powder weight, powder type, powder volume, brass manufacturer, case length, overall length, primer manufacturer & type, date loaded and number of rounds loaded.

Columns in the range testing section include date fired, range, weapon, number of rounds chronographed, maximum velocity, minimum velocity, average velocity, extreme spread, standard deviation, group size, muzzle energy and comments.  Extreme spread is calculated from the maximum and minimum velocity and can serve as a check to make sure the chronograph data was entered correctly.  Muzzle energy is calculated from bullet weight and average velocity.

Cumulative totals are calculated at the bottom of the page for total number of rounds, total bullet weight and total powder weight.  There is separate section to record data for your favorite loads, and a section for factory load performance data for comparison purposes.

http://www.tacticoolproducts.com/reloadinglog.sxc - For Open Office
http://www.tacticoolproducts.com/reloadinglog.xls - For Excel


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