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Tacticool Products Does Not Trade With Governments That Disarm The People

Everyone at Tacticool Products staunchly defends our Constitution and the values it represents.  In an effort to preserve and protect the right to keep and bear arms, we have decided not to sell any products to any agency of any government that deprives the unalienable right of its citizens to be armed.  It is inherently wrong to support a policy of arming those who would disarm us.  We'd like to apologize to any police departments or other agencies that support the right of the people to keep and bear arms but are under the jurisdiction of gun grabbers and are caught up in the anti-gun politics.

Whenever we receive an order from any government agency, we will do our best to investigate the firearms policies of the governing body and if, in our determination, they are acting to disarm their citizens, we will immediately refund their purchase with an explanation of our policy in defense of the right of law abiding citizens to be armed.

We're all about...

Bullet PointShooting stuff is fun
Bullet PointThe unalienable right to keep and bear arms... oh hell yeah
Bullet PointThe customer is always right
Bullet PointSafety
Bullet PointOur bulleted lists actually have bullets in them
Bullet PointLong hours in the lab, designing new shooting stuff
Bullet PointLong hours in the shop, building new shooting stuff
Bullet PointLong hours on the range, testing new shooting stuff
Bullet PointTaking kids shooting for the first time
Bullet PointWaiting impatiently for a new gun
Bullet PointSerious engineering
Bullet PointMaking recreational shooting affordable


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